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The villagers send as banner detained investigation: government pollution control ineffective cited dissatisfaction with the Xinhua news agency in Chengdu on August 25th new media news:   Sichuan three villagers to the town government to send "not as" banner jingfangxingju incident investigation by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xu Yang Hua Jiang Hong Chinese network in the scene when Feng Yongjun stepped out of the three counties of the guard, still believe his innocence. Prior to August 10th, he was sent to the problem of reservoir pollution through the form of "not as" a banner to the government, the next day jingfangxingju, after prosecutors decided not to approve the arrest was released. Feng Yongjun and other villagers reflect reservoir pollution how serious it is, before the local government is "as", send a banner day sequence of events of how the public security organs to take coercive measures to solve the problem according to the law, the best way to where…… Reporter conducted a survey of these issues. A "reservoir pollution caused by fertilizer and water fish tug of war" Feng Yongjun is not the first to reflect the reservoir pollution of the villagers. Three County Environmental Protection Bureau first received the same report of the time in 2013 March, points to the Bai Qing Zhen Bai Qing reservoir contractor long-term to reservoir dumping manure fish, reservoir water is seriously polluted water surrounding the life and production safety. Huanglong is located in the village of Bai Qing Zhen Bai Qing reservoir area of about 200 acres, mainly used for agricultural irrigation water surrounding villages, do not belong to the drinking water source protection areas. The local villagers Han Yong in 2005 signed a contract with Bai Qing town government, agreed to aquaculture, valid until 2021. It is this contract becomes the focus of the game around the pollution problem. Han Yong said in an interview, he was fermented into manure into biogas utilization in reservoir fish, this is the country to promote the scientific farming methods, in accordance with laws and regulations and the provisions of the contract. He also monitored the reservoir water quality at any time, without causing any pollution. But the villagers look at Huanglong, this argument is untenable. The 65 year old Feng Chunchang said, since the Han Yong engaged in aquaculture, reservoir dam downstream tens of meters deep wells out of the water can not drink, not the foot of farmland irrigation, crops are also affected, has aroused public anger. They think, should be completely prohibited to terminate the contract, fertilizer and water fish. In fact, the relevant departments of the survey also believes that Han Yong’s capacity and size of biogas digesters is not sufficient to produce effective treatment. Three County Environmental Protection Bureau since 2013 carried out the 7 test also shows that the reservoir water quality did not meet the national class III water quality standards. However, the local CDC in 2014 near the villagers own wells water quality testing results, in line with drinking water standards. Deputy director of the three County Environmental Protection Bureau Yang Guoyou said that the Environmental Protection Agency for three years has five letter issued decisions or rectification, Han Yong ordered to stop environmental violations; at the same time three times to Bai Qing town government instructed, and urge them to modify or rescind the contract. Which in 2013 also had a fine of 20 thousand yuan, but the application for enforcement of the court that the lack of basis, it is not in place. Take the main responsibility of the reservoir regulation Bai Qing town mayor Wang Bo told reporters that the town government 6相关的主题文章: