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The wall collapsed on 5 late man police force unarmed rescue plane brick wall collapsed on his original title: unarmed police plane from the local community and traffic ban Hua Xin Jie, Jiangbei District logo wild side walls collapsed in the ditch road accidents draw the line, one of the people buried in the brick. This year 53 year old Tan, life has been very calm. He did not think the quiet life is Jiangbei District Huaxin Street wild ditch outside the toilets of a wall to lift down in yesterday morning. When the toilet passed by the wall collapsed Mr. Tan memories, yesterday 9:20 or so, he intends to go to the incident near the vegetable market to buy food. He doesn’t often pass by here, but he knows there is a public toilet nearby. "All of a sudden, I felt my mind blank." Mr. Tan said, "not to go to the toilet, beside the wall suddenly collapsed, I was under pressure, chest pain, feeling braincase faint, the left leg can not move, all have no strength, the first time I dialed 110." Mr. Wang, the owner of a nearby teahouse. "I was watching TV in a teahouse, and suddenly a lot of people shouted, ‘the walls are broken,’ and I ran over to see a man under a brick." Mr. Wang said at the time, Mr. Tan sideways fell to the ground, breaking down the brick wall body was buried, nose, ears and brow are bleeding, facial twitching, looks very uncomfortable, stop moaning, clear consciousness. Dig the wounded finger worn all passers-by while appease Mr. Tan’s mood, while trying to put him out from the rubble. Then the police came and told them not to move, so as not to cause two damage to Mr. Tan, the medical staff to carry out scientific rescue. The sky under a drizzle, surnamed passers-by to Tam umbrella, we took the mineral water to feed Mr. Tan to drink, he said not thirsty. A MS long after the incident still suffering from the shock. She said: "the road traffic is relatively large, every morning I have to bring their children to the front of the path to sweep the leaves. Today, because of the temperature, under a light rain, so I rely on the bed. About 9 points, I suddenly heard the sound of the outside is a reflection of what, after a while outside became particularly noisy, there is a call and the voice of the argument, go out to see what happened." Chongqing evening news reporter on the scene saw the collapse of the wall is seven or eight meters long, which is about 2.5 meters high, with the Beijiexiaoxiang, some bricks also fell to the opposite steps. Tan injured position, bricks scattered, and the rest of the brick collapsed. 120 doctor came. Under the command of the doctor, will be pressed on the body of Mr. Tan, a piece of a piece of planing open, Mr. Wang’s fingers are planing off the skin, completely ignored. Everyone will be put on a stretcher ambulance ambulance, rushed to the city emergency center. Doctors, preliminary examination, Mr. Tan skull fractures, chest and abdominal visceral injury, urinary tract injury, pelvic injuries, etc., are emergency treatment, not yet out of danger. The community is looking for Hua Xin Jie, Jiangbei District wild ditch community responsibility unit secretary Wang told reporters: "after the collapse of the wall, the community staff immediately dialed 110 and 120, Lian Jun相关的主题文章: