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Medicine Theophylline is an old drug. It has been 60 years for theophylline using in the treatment of bronchial asthma and COPD. Due to low prices, it is widely used in worldwide, which quickly became the front line of anti-asthmatic drugs in many countries and regions. In recent years, studies have found that theophylline at low concentrations (about 5-10mg / L) when you can have anti-inflammatory effects by activating HDAC, but can also significantly increase the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory hormone resveratrol, the synergy between the two can greatly reduce the amount of each ; while the new anti-inflammatory pathway and may cause toxic side effects of theophylline common way to PDE inhibition and adenosine antagonism of means are different, so the body will greatly reduce adverse reactions. These anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, such as new findings remind people again of great interest, theophylline has been more applications for this improvement, such as slowly controlled release agents, theophylline serum concentration monitoring technologies to promote applications, theophylline and hormones associated with the best ratio to determine, have improved to some extent from theophylline drug safety and effectiveness, so that theophylline better promotion and application. As we all know, pure preparations of theophylline absorbed rapidly, significant fluctuations in plasma concentration, short-term bronchodilator effects and adverse reactions. In contrast, the third generation of theophylline sustained-release agent can provide a more stable blood concentration, both to avoid theophylline formulations generally peak concentration after oral administration due to toxicity, but also to overcome the grain concentration decreased efficacy of shortcomings, up to 100% bioavailability, a drug treatment for up to 12h, especially for control of nocturnal asthma attack patients. In recent years, many Chinese pharmaceutical companies to speed up work on the development of drug theophylline, theophylline sodium glycine plain pharmaceutical tablets is among the best. As the fourth generation of theophylline preparation, have a slow steady release of drug plasma concentration and small amplitude of the advantages of the third generation of sustained-release chia seed formulations, the drug is also one of the characteristics and components of the combination of glycine. This combination of added glycine, including not only the strong alkaline balance theophylline, reduce theophylline on gastrointestinal stimulation, significantly improve patient compliance, and can reduce theophylline on the central nervous system stimulant, achieve the full purpose of reducing side effects of theophylline, theophylline from the real guarantee for security in the human body to achieve proper results. 2006 GINA recommend theophylline as a control drug, into the glucocorticoid stimulated with (ICS) combined for the treatment of asthma control. As for China’s poor areas in patients with chronic asthma can be combined with inhaled steroid use and sustained-release theophylline as a single inhaled steroid can not control when the control line treatment. According to clinical studies, compared with double-dose ICS, mild to moderate asthma using ICS + oral theophylline can achieve the same or better results. ICS alone can not control for chronic asthma, can be combined with ICS and theophylline; for the use of ICS + LABA can not control in patients with chronic severe asthma, can be based on the ICS + LABA plus sustained-release theophylline to play The synergistic anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. Theophylline glycine sodium sustained-release tablets are used for bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, emphysema and other breathing symptoms. It can also be used in asthma causing by cardiogenic pulmonary edema. It is the primary choice of safe theophylline reagen.Source:..cospcn.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: