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Thieves steal the baby was found after the baby was thrown away – Sohu news suspects were arrested by the owner on the spot. Readers for the suspect abandoned baby balcony. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Jing photo yesterday morning, Fangshan, a district residents encounter theft, the thief stole the tablet after the car was also easy to hold the head of four month old baby. After that, the suspect will be thrown into the semi underground building balcony baby more than 3 meters deep and run away. Fangshan police informed that the police have taken coercive measures against the suspect, the case is under further review. The thief put the baby into the semi underground balcony yesterday users micro Bo said, at about 1 in the morning, Fangshan Changyang town ballettown Wyatt are? A residential area two floor tenants home burglary occurred, the thief steal goods after go home users to easily hold the 4 month old baby. After the discovery of the thief fled to the floor, the baby will be lost after the escape. Heard her cries for help, more owners arrived in the corridor suspicious man on the spot to control. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the incident area. Witnesses Lee told reporters that he might live on the same floor of a building and stolen stolen owners, home owners for 4 units, 2 units of Li Xiansheng family. Yesterday morning zero 40 points or so, Mr. Li is at home playing games heard a child crying downstairs, opened the window to see a man holding a child standing in the basement of a small courtyard outside the courtyard, standing above a lady, Li Xiansheng hurried downstairs. The downstairs lady told Mr. Li, standing below is the wife and 4 month old child, the thief entered the house and stole the child, the couple ran out after the thief threw the child ran to the building yard run. Mr. Lee and another neighbor put down the ladder, the man holding the baby rescued. "When we walked back, we found a tablet that was stolen by the thief in the grass". Mr. Li said, back to the residents home stolen corridor, the number of residential property owners will control a suspicious man after the alarm. Reporters on the scene saw that the baby was thrown to the ground floor of the balcony is more than 3 meters deep, the ground for a solid cement, there are sporadic debris. Security incident before the discovery of a suspicious man, according to residential property manager Li said the district was built in 2013, in 2014, a total of more than 1 thousand and 800 households. The occupancy rate has reached about eighty percent, some of the owners of rental housing. Every night there will be security patrols within the District, the incident yesterday morning, a patrol security has also seen a suspicious man, but because of awareness and prevention is not strong, the man fled after the security was aware that it was a thief. Li said that the cell door are equipped with access control, but there may be no access to the door after the owners yesterday. At the same time, the common anti-theft door anti-theft door home owners and not the same, need to be locked from the inside, and yesterday the stolen owners to forget the lock, the thieves to enter. "I just came back from the police station, I heard the child was hit chest fractures, such a thing happened, the property and the owners are responsible". Police said the suspect drunk walking along the baby Changyang police station, a police officer told reporters that the incident, the baby and its static相关的主题文章: