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This garbage contract: Wizards billion Mr topped list [star] Lakers general Bill highlights 18 points and 5 assists in the process of foreign investment hit three record three points in November 20th news sports Tencent this summer league salary cap soared, many players had a huge contract. The new season has just started less than a month’s time, but some players performed badly, did not play and their worth to match performance. Recently the media on top of this summer, the garbage generated by contract, the Wizards core Bill topped the list of the Lakers general Rolle dunn. Bill was awarded a garbage contract 1, Bradley – Bill, the Wizards take into account the talent and the big contract, he should be the top ranked player in the list of players in the world. This season, Bill’s performance is not good, because of injury, he missed some games. This summer, he signed a 128 million dollar contract with the wizards for a total of $5, which means that his contract is bigger than Be Ade Tor Quinn Bo. But after the start of the new season, Bill averaged only 15.8 points and 2.1 rebounds and 2.8 assists, shooting rate of only 37.5%, the ball hit only about 32.5% points. Prior to this, many media experts believe that if Bill can not keep healthy, wizards will be difficult. But the problem now is that Bill played most of the game this season, but the team has only 3 wins and 8 losses. 2, Rolle – Deng, the Lakers Lakers failed to sign the contract is not Mozgov, but Deng – Deng, this summer, the – Deng – and the Lakers signed a total of $72 million worth of contracts for $4 in. If you look back at the signing, the Lakers don’t know what they’re doing. Rolle – Deng last season’s performance is good, but because of age and injury problems, the new season he’s not as good as before. The new season, the Lakers’ performance is a bright spot, but Rolle – Deng’s personal performance is not the case. The new season, Rolle – Deng field can only get 6.4 points and 5.7 rebounds, his shooting rate of only 31.3%, the ball hit only 30% points. With the rise of Ingram, slowly Rolle – Deng may lose his starting position. 3, Rajon – Rondo, the Bulls so far, the Bulls performance than many people imagine. Wade and Butler have long, so three is not good at shooting back, the bulls are currently 8 wins 4 of the negative record, in the East third. However, in Rondo’s body, there are still many problems exist. When Rondo wasn’t there, the bulls had to take 11 more points per round. Over the past few seasons, Rondo did not help any team has substantial growth, but he has been a big contract. This season, Rondo’s salary reached $14 million, although his contract is not long. But Rondo is not suitable for Chicago, they should try to Wade, with more striker Butler. 4, Evan Turner, the Blazers this summer, Turner also signed a contract worth $4 for a total of $70 million, but Turner’s contribution to the team is a lot worse. Originally, the Blazers hope turner can become Lillard and Mackler M after the third attack.相关的主题文章: