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Li Hongzhong was appointed secretary of the Tianjin municipal government of Hubei for attention – Li Hongzhong unannounced visits to the Sohu news China map Vision Beijing News (reporter Wang Shu) at noon on September 13th, the official news release: Li Hongzhong served as secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, no longer serve as the Hubei provincial Party Secretary Huang Xingguo; no longer Deputy Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, replacing the mayor, according to relevant laws and regulations. Three days ago, the Commission website news, Huang Xingguo alleged serious violation, is under investigation. On June 29th, Hubei governor Wang Guosheng went to Qinghai, to succeed Luo Huining as secretary of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, the Hubei provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong stepped up, presided over the overall situation in Tianjin. Currently, the central province of Hubei party and government leaders show a vacant state. Had ruled Shenzhen for 4 years, 60 year old Li Hongzhong, in his early years when the educated youth. In 1988, 32 year old Li Hongzhong from the Ministry of electronics industry "airborne" attachment to any Guangdong, vice mayor of Huizhou city. Since then, Li Hongzhong worked in Guangdong for 19 years, when he was vice governor of Guangdong in 2001 at the age of 45, became the provincial and ministerial level officials, and later ruled Shenzhen for 4 years, has served as acting mayor of Shenzhen, mayor, Party secretary. Reporters noted that, as a high level of reform and opening up, has served as Shenzhen party and government leaders are rare. Li Hongzhong Shenzhen, the rapid development of the city for more than 20 years to bear the pressure gradually. 2006 National "NPC and CPPCC", Li Hongzhong in Shenzhen to face the problem, put forward the "independent innovation" and "circular economy", and likened it to the future development of Shenzhen’s "bird’s wings", "two wheels of the car". In December 2007, ruled Shenzhen for over 4 years, Li Hongzhong was transferred to Hubei. In Shenzhen, the city’s cadres conference, Li Hongzhong said in Guangdong and Shenzhen work experience to benefit him for life. In Hubei because of unannounced visits to concern the afternoon of December 3, 2015, Li Hongzhong attended the meeting in advance the Dabie Mountain in Hubei province old revolutionary base areas of poverty alleviation and development development, do not say hello, directly to the three li Fan Zhen Wu Shi Chong Cun town. According to media reports, at that time is the evening, it was already late, Li Hongzhong in Shi Chong Cun unannounced visits to the three poor households, a detailed understanding of the local precise poverty situation. Li Hongzhong said, precise poverty, not one person". And on the last day of 2015, Li Hongzhong presided over the meeting the Provincial Standing Committee meeting, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the assault to check the deployment of the province’s production safety work, but was "cold-shoulder treatment". In the innings, Li Hongzhong directly called the director of the Hong’an County Safety Supervision Bureau Wu Bitian phone. Li Hongzhong by telephone zibaojiemen, I heard the voice of the receiver doubts, the phone was hung up immediately. Li Hongzhong analysis said, grassroots do not believe that in itself is a problem, random sampling has not become the norm. The prospect of facing Li Hongzhong first took office in Tianjin two big problem record shows that, his rich ruling experience, both in the forefront of reform in Guangdong for many years, and served in the inland provinces of Hubei served as party leaders, and held the test field of Shenzhen this reform "". This time Jin, Tianjin’s chemical security.相关的主题文章: