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Trump reoccurrence Golf 18 Title Storm Gold questioned sina sports news Beijing on November 1st news, a plaque is located in Florida, West Palm Beach Trump International Golf Club on the list of 9 won the club championship champion of the people. One of the names of everyone is familiar with: "Donald -J.- Trump, he was in 1999, in 2001 and in the championship in 2009. Trump claims that he has won 18 Championships in the past few years, and the other 3 are among them. He once said that the title proved that he was the winner in every aspect of life. "Even golf, I have won many championships in the club." Last year he told time magazine. "I don’t know if you’re playing golf. It is not easy to win the championship of the club. You need to beat the handicap players. And a lot of other great players." But the 18 titles don’t seem to have gold. According to the same period of the "Palm Beach Post" reported that although Trump was the 1999 club champion, but the court has not yet officially opened, the official opening date is January 8, 2000. That means there are not many players at the time. Trump spokeswoman Hope – Hicks (Hope  Hicks) to "Washington Post" confirmed that Trump did in the 1999 International Golf Club hosted the club championship, some of the early members of the participants. She didn’t say exactly how many people were there. There is a problem, the nameplate listed on the 2013 championship is going on? Trump proudly announced on March 17, 2013 that he won the club championship. Just in the palm beach won the Trump International Golf Club Club Championship – many excellent golf players are not very easily won the club championship. Donald -J.- Trump, March 17, 2013 golf tournament? I won 18 Club Championships, including this weekend. @mcuban swing like a little girl, no strength and talent. Mark is a loser. – Donald -J.- Trump in March 19, 2013, but Trump did not name the club championship in 2013 appear on the nameplate. The nameplate listed on the 2013 Club Championship is Tom Roush (Tom Roush), he later won the club championship in 2015 and 2016. Reason: Trump readily omits an important modifier. He didn’t win the title in the club championship before winning the championship. What Hicks told us was that he won the championship of the evergreen club. "I played a lot of golf and played well." Trump told the Washington Post last year相关的主题文章: