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Vacation-Rentals Civil War reenactments can be fun and educational experiences for the whole family. These unique tributes started earlier than you might think, beginning even before the Civil War itself was over. Now, reenactments can be seen all over the United States throughout the year as annual and special events. Branson, MO has a long history of Civil War reenactments which are a popular Branson attraction. Read on to find information on the history of reenactments, the history of the Civil War in Missouri, and locations where these reenactments can be seen within the state. When and Why Reenactments Began Civil War reenactments began as early as the late years of the war itself. Veterans from the war would gather together to recreate past battles as a way to pay tribute to those who had fallen. One of the largest early reenactments was held in 1913 on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. At this reenactment, over 45,000 veterans from both the Union and Confederacy met to recreate the historic battle. Reenactments had a huge boost in popularity and became regular events beginning in the 1960s, and thanks to the 125th anniversary reenactment near Manassas, many annual reenactment events have been planned each year since the 1980s. Today, reenactments are held on special veteran holidays and various other times throughout the year as educational learning tools and tributes to those who sacrificed their lives. History of the Civil War in Missouri Missouri played the part of a border state in the American Civil War, sending aid and troops to both sides of the war. This led to, not only them fighting in both sides of the war, but in having their own civil war of sorts, between neighbors due to varying allegiances. The biggest battle west of the Mississippi River in the war was the Battle of Westport, which occurred in 1864 in Kansas City, MO. At the end of the war there were a recorded 1,200 minor and moderate battles and fights throughout Missouri, which makes it one of the top three states as far as the number of skirmishes. Civil War Reenactments within Missouri Now, there are many Civil War reenactments throughout the state of Missouri each year for you to enjoy. The Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association .anizes many reenactment events each year, most of which are free to the Public. One of the largest events is the Stand of Colors which is a re-creation of the Missouri and Kansas border campaigns in 1864, held in Kansas City as a two day event. For a unique twist on a reenactment scenario, head on over to Branson, MO where the increasingly popular Baldknobbers Jamboree Show pits the North against the South in a both hilarious and classic display of patriotism and respect for this nation. Although not a true reenactment scenario, the facts and emotions shared are the same. Civil War reenactments have a long history as living tributes to those who gave their lives. From the late 1800s to present, people from across the nation have enjoyed watching these events of living history. Missouri played its part in this historical war with over 1,200 battles, and reenactments can be enjoyed by all both in traditional and non-traditional ways each year. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: