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The City Football League development product upgrading the development of new features of folk sports events organizers service Sina Chinese City Football League Hao ball TV realize the upgrading of products, its development is not only limited in the football field. Recently, Hao ball TV production team to optimize and upgrade the product again, the new content filled a bright spot. Hao TV series is one of the Beijing football star investment limited company independent research and development of products (including Hao ball data and the referee), at the same time, the company is also the Chinese City Football League organizers. The advent of Hao ball TV, the fundamental purpose is to solve the social football audience narrow, can not go out of the bottleneck of development; the core value is around the event, to create a complete social football ecological closed-loop. According to Hao ball TV Product Manager Xu Hao said that the content upgrade, the construction of the integral system. The audience can earn, through new tasks and daily tasks, and can exchange gifts for Pho, anchor and team "flowers" or "dirty water"; and the increase of the barrage function, either comment or Tucao, can live pages in real time. This time, update the highlight, none other than non quiz. Xu Hao introduction, Hao ball TV quiz, quiz betting type belongs to. The audience through the game forecast, several problems on the list of pho bets, the right side of the bet amount according to divide the total pool. Xu Hao said, the problem is not generated imagined, but the combination of social game features, with Hao database based on the overall goals generated. The contents of the upgrade, will be accompanied by China’s top 16 Football League knockout game on September 3rd formally launched. At present, only participate in quiz play in the mobile terminal, the audience through the Hao ball TV service number and live link to watch the game live and betting. It is understood that, as of now, through the Hao ball TV watch Chinese City Football League tour has reached 2 million 660 thousand + trips. For the future development of the product, Xu Hao explained that the current Hao ball TV not only to exceed the standard broadcast, the future will also open a dedicated satellite signal. Not only can serve the Chinese City Football League, but also for other folk events live. With the upgrading of content and technical innovation, the future will be to create a live show stage.相关的主题文章: