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Delicious and Healthy Recipes That You Can Use When Making Your Own Blender Version

You may have not realized it yet but there are so many people out there who are searching for ways on how they can use their blender to their heart’s content. Or perhaps, are you one of those who no longer have any free time to cook and prepare elaborate meals due to the busy schedule that you have, yet craving for something that is tasty and healthy? If you are having this kind of predicament every single day of your life, this only means that you have not yet learned about the many different types of food that is possible for you to make even by using your blender alone.

There are so many of us who loves to buy ingredients that are already pre-made such as pasta sauces and here, we will be breaking that habit of yours by introducing you a way of making your own marinara by using your blender. You may believe that it is a good and healthy thing to purchase pasta sauces straight form the supermarket or grocery store however, you will surely be surprised upon knowing that some of the popular sauces that we have today have calories ranging between seventy to eighty per cup. Now, to make a perfect and healthy blender marinara, here are the ingredients that you need to use: one container of tomatoes that are whole, two cloves of two garlic cloves, basil for additional palate, pepper and salt as well to add taste, and half white onion. To make your own marinara sauce, you just have to toss all the ingredients into the blender, blend it all you want and then, pour the finished product over the pasta dish you’ve made.

The next blender recipe that we will be introducing to you is a dill ranch that is healthy. However, just because you are eating carrots and broccoli alongside your ranch already means that this is already an option that is healthy for you since sadly, that is not the case at all as even ranch versions that are low in fats still contains calories. When making your own healthy dill ranch, you will surely need ingredients such as as follows: one-third shallot (optional); one-half cup of vinegar made from apple cider; six ounces of your favorite lemon yogurt; one-half ounce of dill that is chopped, one teaspoon of pepper and salt as well as two-third cup of cream that is thick and heavy. In making the ranch dressing, you will start by tossing the shallot, the lemon yogurt and the apple cider vinegar into the blender and blend, then you can toss all the ingredients that remain once the first three are already mixed.