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What is the standard of a good husband? Ma Yili: meet the right people – Sohu entertainment good husband standard is what? Ma Yili: meet the right people   JINGWAH times news Ma Yili, starring Chen Jianbin "China humor urban drama relation" [opera] is Beijing TV hit video, Sohu. In the spy, fantasy, costume drama screen of the moment, this is not a small fresh, small flowers for simplicity, by acting on and play the leading role Chinese social insight and the complex interpersonal relationship and profound analysis, received wide attention. Ma Yili in an interview on touted reason, she said: "this is a political drama, male and female are not how lovely, very practical, have their own shortcomings on the body, this is not the same with other drama." The play, as Ma Yili Jiang insisted, no confusion, intentnesses Yinan ‘s outspoken. And Ma Yili said, in the life of their own in this river and Yinan ‘s particularly alike, "I prefer to direct expression, once I think someone doesn’t respect me, I will tell him directly. For me, work is a very serious thing. I don’t want to waste a minute, a second". Life, Ma Yili is the mother of two children, talking about education, Ma Yili bluntly: I will not do tiger mother, will not do cat mother, but do the most suitable for my child’s mother." The talk about drama role not lovable but true from our "struggle" in Xia Lin, to "Shuangcheng life" [] in the opera Hao Jingni, "North Canton" does not believe in tears in the Pan Yun, Ma Yili played many urban women’s image. In Ma Yili’s view, which is the most like their own "struggle" in the "Xia Lin". In the "Chinese style relationship", Ma Yili once again played a female elite returnees workplace, with western thinking and perspective interpretation of Chinese style relations". As a return to the designer, Ma Yili played the river, and the market seems to be out of tune, she is too direct, too personality. A lot of "don’t like" makes her the most special person in the relationship. She is not used to talk about things in the wine on the table, not love a waste of time in the wine on the table, not love not love running slow. Ma Yili admitted that such a role does not play a good role in their own considerations, now I do not want to play the role that everyone likes. There are all kinds of people in life, why not show people you don’t like? People who don’t like too much have the advantage that we like. Because life is very realistic, everyone has advantages and disadvantages. I hope that no matter in life or shopping malls, such as the people of the river is more and more, so that everyone’s work relationship can become more and more pure, efficiency can also be improved". The play, as Ma Guoliang’s life experiences change radically, Jiang Yinan ‘s either emotionally, or work, have been the most intimate people betrayal, "occurring in the Ma Guoliang family, Jiang Yinan family also changed. On the one hand, her ex husband with her most trusted Secretary affair. On the other hand, her husband and her partner partnership, trying to destroy her career painstakingly. Fortunately, the river has a Yinan ‘s end相关的主题文章: