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What should be noticed when the accident happened? Whether novice or veteran, as long as the car on the road will inevitably be some small rub. For a number of small accidents, should quickly distinguish the responsibility to speed up the processing speed; and it is difficult to distinguish between the responsibility to protect the scene, as soon as possible to contact the insurance company and traffic police. A car accident, how to properly report insurance 1, if the two sides of the small accident responsibility judgment are no objection, you can take a picture after the first car to the traffic in the place, and notify the traffic management department, and then call a report to the insurance company. Then assist the insurance company of the vehicle survey, photography, damage. When applying for a claim to bring together a driving license, ID card, driver’s license, insurance policies and other documents. 2, when a major accident should protect the scene after the alarm call 110 major traffic accidents, even after a car crash, and rescue the injured 120, if the fire hit 119. And notify the insurance company within 48 hours. With the insurance company personnel itemized cleaning, damage. When making a claim against the insurance company, it shall provide the original documents of the insurance policy, the accident report, the accident responsibility confirmation, the accident mediation, the judgment, the loss list and the relevant expenses. 3 off-site accident off-site accident, if the car accident occurred in the field, to alarm and protect the site, and notify the insurance company, insurance claim number, say the time and place, and after. The insurance company will ask the local branch to survey, then we must pay attention to the local company in accordance with the prescribed procedures issued by the generation of photography, the survey report. Back to the location after the insurance company to fill the notice of danger and claim. 4, some owners often see small scratch is to point out the flat paint, a small hole that was anxious to repair the 4S shop, in fact, not only laborious, in danger of too many times and may cause the insurance companies "attention" to cover again in the future is also very unfavorable. So if the wound is very small to repair beauty shop to spend ten yuan of money fix would not have to go to 4S shop. Remember, no matter what the accident, to do on-site evidence of fixed, can not let the perpetrators run, if their onset of the words, also need to be fixed, can go to the insurance company, is very important! Two, technical process 1, fixed evidence at the scene 2, himself knocked, and can not buy insurance, private is not private, let the police handle direct hit 110. 3, if you are hit another car, buy insurance to call 110 (there are casualties or fire fighting 120 and 119), let the police handle the traffic police, and call the insurance company phone, let the insurance company come to the scene. 4, the police, the police issued a road traffic accident, the last to see who is responsible, if it is their responsibility to provide the original insurance policy, certificate of the accident, accident responsibility confirmation, accident mediation, court verdict, the list of losses and related expenses and other documents to the insurance company for reimbursement claim to insurance the company should. Three, introduce insurance knowledge, the combination of the above out of my personal situation, note worthy of mention for so much. But I also know some knowledge about insurance, may wish to send it to everyone. 1 tire burst.相关的主题文章: