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Health What your Australian Travel Insurance policy may not cover. So you are an Australian looking to travel overseas. You have decided to shop around and buy yourself a travel insurance policy. Most Travel Insurance policies are .prehensive however there are possible exclusions. Listed below are some of the possible occurrences that your travel insurance .pany may NOT cover unless the policy you purchase explicitly states that it will: You failed to meet your Duty of Disclosure. Eg you didn’t advise the insurer of a pre-existing medical conditions or you travel against medical advice. You travel to countries that are not covered by your Insurance Policy. When in doubt it is wise to purchase the maximum level of cover for any areas you may be traveling to. Your airline stops trading and you can no longer travel. You participate in hazardous activities or in adventure sports unless explicitly covered by your Travel Insurance Policy. The type of activities can include parachuting, sky diving and bungee jumping. You fail to adequately care for your belongings. Eg Your attended luggage at an airport gets stolen. You lose your money or your money is stolen. Many insurers don’t cover cash or have limits on how much is covered and usually only allow claims if the cash was being carried on your person. Your valuable items such as .puters, phones, cameras, etc that are stolen or damaged, if in a cargo hold of a ship, plane, train or bus. Valuable items should at all times be kept on your person or securely stored. Items stolen from unattended vehicles when not in a locked concealed .partment or locked boot. You will not be covered for change of mind. You are over a certain age. Some insurance .panies won’t insure you if you are over 80 years old. Always check that the product you have purchased is correct for your circumstances. You try to cancel plans because of fear of terrorism or war. Many insurers will not cover you against terrorism or acts of war. In those that do it may be a condition that you take the policy out before the problem occurred and/or that you don’t travel against Australian Government advice. The Australian travel insurance product that you purchased, or are thinking or purchasing in Australia must be sold to you with a Product Disclosure Statement (Policy Document). Please make sure to read thoroughly to check what you are covered for during your trip. There should be a section in the document that outlines the "General Exclusions" of the product you have purchased. Please familiarize yourself with all aspects of your policy. Australia Travel Insurance wishes you a wonderful and safe journey. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: