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Then why I took the children away from Ancient Chinese Literature Search class [Abstract] a few years, I have the opportunity to interview a famous Ancient Chinese Literature Search advocates, speaking of my baby has been reading class, he said, what not? I heard he was sick of this matter, he said: "with a long cavity that – is your child without this blessing." Author: Yan Hong (· Tencent; everyone columnist) EVA read kindergarten, school to teach them to read "Three Character Classic" and "rules", although always hear people say that the "disciple gauge" is the culture and so on, I don’t mind. Anyway, the children also don’t understand all of this, only is the exercise of memory. To my surprise, the baby will soon be able to put together enough to have thousands of words of the "Three Character Classic" and "disciple" back to even the kindergarten teacher, freely flowing style of writing imbued with supreme heroism, for his powerful memory of praise. Adults often is insatiable, but I let him back some "Pipa" "Mulan" like, there are not many masters of childhood memories, to mention those later read the poem, the total said that when the blind is slightly recite valuable? Moreover, this does not exclude the baby, with a child’s heart, soon can fluently recite them. One day, a friend passing through the city I live, he is engaged in education, I was brought back poetry show baby thing, he advised me seriously, your son has the gift, can go to the reading class, you have a very good. I according to his guidance, the Bible class to observe a moment, a small room, a group of children studying wow La and endorsement. There is a small boy, probably only three or four years old, round head, big eyes, white skin clean, like the young monk, could the "University" on the back of a few big breath, as if a future is formed in the ru. His family and other parents say, usually also often take him to what meditation, self-cultivation. I suddenly have Time will not wait for me. sense of urgency, quickly put the baby is brought in, until he soon can be a "University" from the back to the end, I was encouraged, a few years have insatiable desires, back, baby should put those books all have learned, this is also the first reserve. Peers step. I am not a person, the doll in the classroom endorsement, adults talking outside, most of them than we long for the time, or through the city, Months and years pass by. regardless of the weather. They also feel that the competition is too fierce, we should take advantage of the child is still free to lay a foundation. Only the "young monk" father more radical, he believes that he consider the future oriented education in a complete mess, to give up the college entrance examination, I heard somewhere there is a good Ancient Chinese Literature Search class, boarding, with children to read, learn English, Ancient Chinese Literature Search martial arts qigong etc.. He praised the gentleman said, is one in a million, far from the general elementary and middle school teachers can, if I can learn the classic with such a man, why waste time in the examination oriented education system?" He looked very angry, his anger let me alert. I also know that exam oriented education has some disadvantages, but in the end it is a system subjected to multiple supervision, there are a lot of discussion and trial and error, it may kill some gifted children, so he.相关的主题文章: