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Business If businesses want to .pete in 2010, they will have to do so online. And to do so effectively, they will have to settle their prospective customers’ and clients’ increasingly huge appetites for online video. While print and television advertising are on the wane, corporate video production and online video marketing are on the rise. No longer is corporate video seen as mere frippery or regarded with disdain, nor is it reserved for only the largest corporations. Today, businesses large and small, are benefiting enormously from good videos and online video marketing. They’re enjoying greater reach and better margins; and advertising research suggests that they will .mission more video in than 2010, than ever before. As a result, .panies without video content on their website this year will soon find themselves behind the .petition and struggle to get noticed. It is said that a .pany’s website has be.e its shop-front. Would you enter a shop with nothing in the window? A good corporate video, formatted for viewing online, showcasing who you are and what you do, is fast be.ing integral to .mercial success – but bad corporate video, should never be a substitute for none. A badly produced video sends out .pletely the wrong messages about any organisation, its service and its products; and can destroy a .pany’s hard-earned reputation. Internet users are also extremely fickle and poor quality material with low production values will soon have them tuning out, reaching for the back button and most-worryingly browsing a .petitor’s website. As camera technologies and Internet bandwidth continue to improve, so too will the importance of quality, watchable, engaging, well-crafted video content, which is why in most cases it’s best left to professional video production .panies. In the right hands, video production can be a very powerful tool in today’s marketing arsenal, so make sure your business has a clear video marketing strategy in place for 2010. Your prospective clients and customers are demanding video. You must supply it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: