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Software We All Love the Good Old Email .munication: The mere thought of modern businesses without email .munication is quite absurd. Isnt it? Need for email .munication is evident and quite axiomatic for all the .panies existing in the business world today. Email .munication a necessary, although not a sufficient condition for the success of any corporate entity. Email Systems in Business Set Ups: One of the most basic things that every .pany does while setting off from the ground is to set up a custom email system in their set up. Now, there always are certain parameters, within which, any email system is made to operate, which most .panies describe as the standard setup. Besides these parameters, there is an evident need for dynamism and flexibility, which create many new demands on .panys email system. These are as follows: Ability for accessing mail over Internet Integrated collaboration functionalities like shared address books, contacts, calendars, folders basically all for information sharing etc Microsoft Outlook/Exchange The Classical Email Solution: The software giant, Microsoft, recognized this global need of organizations during the very nascent stages and thus created Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server, an email messaging platform and basic collaboration software, which has experienced many revisions since then; the two most recent ones being MS Exchange 2003 and 2007. More about MS Exchange: Exchange is basically the email server software, i.e. a .plete email system. Through this email system, you can easily set up and then receive the mails for the users on your .pany network. Using Exchange, you can relay these emails to your employees .puters easily. Microsoft Exchange Server will actually form the backend heart of this messaging platform in your .pany, while the front end application, through which, your employees will actually access their mails, contacts, calendars etc, is MS Outlook. Lotus Domino to Exchange Migration A Win-Win Situation: If you have been a Lotus Notes/Domino user, then Lotus Domino to Exchange Migration will really prove a win-win situation for you, giving two and both good! First is that this Lotus Notes to Exchange conversion will let you retain old email data as it is for reference and second you will get a better email environment. You can use SysTools Export Notes software for converting email data from Notes Storage Format to Personal Storage File. You can also use this .prehensive product to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook . Lets list the two good of your win-win situation after Lotus Notes migration: Retain Old Email Data 相关的主题文章: