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With the Mexican leader "yell" a few months after Trump’s visit to Mexico, the original title: Mexico Trump "ice breaking trip" hot worked with Nieto "yell" a few months [Global Times reported] controversial Republican presidential candidate Trump in August 31st suddenly went to Mexico, a private meeting with Mexican President Nieto, detonated opinion. Appears in the media, the sudden "ice breaking trip" seemed "illogical" — since the election date, Trump and Mexico is no less "grudges", more with Nieto and other political leaders in Mexico "match" for several months. Some experts believe that the situation is changing, Trump and Nieto meeting may be able to achieve mutual benefit". According to CNN (CNN) reported that the office of the president of Mexico by twitter released news that Trump has accepted the invitation of the, the two were a private meeting on 31". Trump also confirmed on twitter, "look forward to the trip to Mexico". The United States "Washington Post" revealed that Trump had been "brewing" on this trip, earlier this week, Trump sent to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to contact the disclosure intention so that the latter was difficult to access. Some officials responded that the top U.S. officials usually need to visit a few weeks ahead of time to prepare, so hasty arrangements will cause great challenges to the Mexican logistics support. However, Trump’s staff insisted that the schedule should not be delayed". Considering that Trump had repeatedly published offensive remarks in Mexico, CNN and other mainstream media are considered the "extraordinary". Mexican President Nieto had previously likened Trump to "the Great Dictator", like Mr Hitler or MR Mussolini". Visit after the announcement, almost immediately detonated social media, many netizens feel unexpected on the "reverse". Some people are asking: "Trump is going to Mexico to discuss the" wall "problem?" Some people laugh: "does this mean that we want to send the United States criminals to Mexico?" Many politicians in Mexico Trump’s visit also bluntly expressed disgust. However, in the eyes of some foreign policy experts, Trump and Mr Nieto’s meeting was "unexpected and reasonable."". With the depth of the U.S. presidential election, Mexico’s attitude towards Trump quietly changed. "Washington Post" said Trump during the primaries are not too seriously; with his party’s nomination, more and more Mexico business and political elite began to influence on Trump in the White House may constitute the evaluation. (Liu Haoran)相关的主题文章: