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No "slightly", but "sparrow" in their paper: A Qing! "Sparrow" launched! As a color value and love watching dog burning high IQ girl spy film (the brain? ), such a with the value of high tech small meat Yan Encore blessing Spy Drama, of course, to see the flying past. Before the "camouflage" and "red" pearl in the front, those delicious flesh…… Oh no, the quality of those burning brain story, well, there are tears of patriotic feelings, let people naturally look up with the theme of the "sparrow" ~ "sparrow" is based on the original screenwriter Matt adapted from the novel, mainly about Chen Bi side in deep latent collar Zhongliang Wang puppet agent total radical. The code named "sparrow" appointed by the workers of secret messages, successfully steal the puppet government "story zero plan". By Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou, [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Luyi Zhang [micro-blog] and Zhang Ruoyun [micro-blog], Yin Zheng, Kan Qingzi, Li Xiaoran [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starring. This is the value of the fine, the son of the idol drama configuration ah! Although the opening of a high value of idol actor, but the tone of the poster as well as the standard of the motherland and faith can not live up to a few words are advertised with the feelings and ambitions of the drama. However, as a young girl to eat melon, catch the four set, never thought the deepest impression is actually Li Yifeng X Luyi Zhang sadomasochistic love…… I must have opened the way. Chen Chen, Li Yifeng. The barber was born he, is lurking in the Wang puppet spy headquarters leader Bi Zhongliang side agents. In the very period of joining the Communist Party underground organization, and ordered to "switch to" Wang puppet spy agencies. The surface of cynical, but firmly forbear, lead a gay life, loyal to the party. The surface appearance will lead a gay life cynical a playboy, flirting and ballroom dancer, the old driver drives well, although a general feeling, but enough coquettish. Where to learn dancing? This small waist twisting in children but without the mask, the self shot eyes are very bold gestures. Smoking is also sue die. Li Yifeng’s smoking show even went on a hot search…… Feel this let countless fans sister blood trough are empty smoke play. Villain Bi Zhongliang, played by Zhang Luyi. Bi Zhongliang and Chen Shen had been the party’s country Anti Japanese soldiers, who had been on the battlefield, Chen deep saved a life, and affectionate with brother chen. Then with a deep trust in pseudo Chen Wang’s regime, "prime minister" began to arrest for deep suspicion of Chen, and step by step, set a heavy machine. The feeling is not a play negative role Luyi Zhang addicted. He came from "close eyes" in the psycho killer to the drama of the traitors, than a bad people get teeth itch. Bad, but still have to say, the role of shaping Luyi Zhang too with feeling! A Christian wife will follow at the dinner table, to pray to his wife considerate rumor, afraid of his wife "man, is an extremely cruel and merciless, murderous executioner traitors. This setting than those who blindly cold-blooded, I had some more bad human nature level. Zhang.相关的主题文章: