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Womens-Issues There is hardly any person, who likes to visit a doctor. But when we are unwell, there is no other alternative. There are certain diseases which are associated with women and they need to consult specialist doctors to get rid of them. With the passage of time, they start seeing a gynecologist at least annually. Most women choose a gynecologist with whom they are .fortable and share their problems freely. The gynecologist will conduct a .plete examination. If the woman is pregnant, she may have several .plications like lower back pain, increase in blood pressure, nausea or vomiting and diabetes. Generally, these problems are not very serious and can be cured by consulting the doctor. At times the mother would lose appetite. There are cases of morning sickness which basically occurs between the fourth to sixth weeks of pregnancy. A woman has to take a good care of her. Regular exercise and warm-ups would keep the body in good shape. Apart from these, special attention needs to be taken on eating habits. Adding all the essential and vital nutrients in the diet will help a great deal in providing strength and improving the blood circulation. By having citrus fruits and green vegetables she will not feel fatigued. She needs to be happy and fresh all the time. One has to remember when a mother is eating is eating anything; she is also feeding her baby in the womb. The women have started consulting the best gynecologist in Kolkata who has a wide experience in this field. The top gynecologist in Kolkata also performs .plicated surgeries which be.es evident in some cases. Every mother wants to have safe delivery. She is ready to endure any amount of pain. She feels jubilant and on the top of the world when she perceives her baby is born healthy. There is a great responsibility on the shoulders of the nurse who assists the doctor in this task. A nurse teaches a first time mother how to properly hold a newly born baby and take care of it. During the pregnancy period, it is extremely essential to abstain yourself from smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks. There has been a huge hue and cry regarding the banning of these intoxicating items in India. It is not only disastrous for your health but for the baby which is yet to arrive in this world. According to the best gynecologist in Kolkata , the danger of high risk pregnancy increases. Besides that, the baby is born with respiratory problems and other critical issues. It has been scientifically proved that tobacco directly harms the lungs. Thus it can be observed that be.ing a mother is not very easy. A lady who is expecting for the first time is nervous as well as very cautious. She would always act on the advice of her doctor. You need to take a lot of rest and try to maintain the correct posture while sitting or standing. During the back pain you can go for the massage therapy but only after consulting the top gynecologist in Kolkata to reduce from its side effects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: