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Women regret to marry " honest male " her husband: when " " face slapping mistress; Beijing – Narrator Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) Changchun evening news reporter Liu Bing when she was young and their internal and external advantages, enough to make her the edge in the "marriage market". Many suitors, she eventually between gold men and "honest man", chose the latter, it is hoped to have a pet. But just after 3 years of marriage, but she had gentle husband violence. She can not help feeling, marriage is a gamble, before the cards not opened, all you see. 3 years of marriage, I have a bet on a lost feeling. 3 years ago, when I was not married, at the age of 28, running a pet hospital, also opened a pet shop. I do shop earlier, business has been very good. Business shop is busy day and night to make efforts, I have no boyfriend also want to make achievements, give yourself a little weight. In those years, many of the pursuit of my people, every kind of have, but I still want to find the bones of a steadfast lives. Pick to pick to pick at the age of 28, there were two men, one is 6 years older than me, but also to do business, economic conditions are good, but I told him a little feeling of love; one is my husband, my husband is 5 years younger than me, go to work in the business unit, home is in the field, the economic conditions are not very good, but we’re together there is always endless topic. Both of them were in my mind, and I couldn’t help comparing them. My husband, he is very gentle and very patient, let me everywhere, more like an elderly man, inclusive me, spoil me. And I am 6 years older than the man, but it seems a little capricious, I think he is not so concerned about me. Choose a different man is to choose a different life, I love the older parents, think we are doing business, can understand each other and help each other, and my husband home base is too thin, finally I have a family. But at that time, I should have been stunned by love, and some self righteous. I think I have the ability to make money, I’m looking for a honest, I can everywhere on the first. I want to live in the marriage, I think some stretch, my sense of superiority can be exchanged for a sense of security, even after the family status. Now it seems, really funny. Men and women deal with the feelings of the gap is too big, how many women like me in the best moment of life, choose the conditions worse than their own men, is to change the day after treatment, but once a day, a woman will love more and more, even at will, can eventually become the only. But once the men live, and the family did not have a wild flower fragrance. When we got married, I bought the house, and I bought him a car. I don’t care about money, as long as he is good to me. My husband and I have just been married for 3 years, but he’s a little bit more of a person after marriage. At the beginning of 2015 I was pregnant, I grew up on a relatively weak physique, the whole process of pregnancy can be described as 99 of the eighty-one, in order to.相关的主题文章: