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Zhang Jizhong’s wife said two people have been separated for ten years have never thought of divorce Zhang Jizhong worth 1 billion to wife: love Zhang Jizhong illegitimate child Tencent entertainment news (Wen Xiaoxi Xue Jianyu photography, Qin Fuqiang) in August 30th, the "All Star" broke the news, the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed son Xiao Qi, and Fan Xiao said two people are try to transfer Zhang Jizhong as president of the "culture" in the age of property. Then the fan Xin man interviewed responded by dirty water, alluding to the derailment of Zhang Jizhong deliberately broke the news. At eight o’clock in the evening, Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin Xing emergency held a clarification, saying that has been separated and Zhang Jizhong for up to ten years, over the years to face her husband derailed, he has been quietly endure. On the transfer of the assets of the company and hearsay is obviously Zhang Jizhong has It is sheer fiction., stole two properties changed his name. Was involved in the matter, the third men were also on the scene, in addition to denying the news, but also for Tencent entertainment said it would use legal means to safeguard their reputation. "And Zhang Jizhong has been separated for 10 years, two years ago to get derailed evidence" eight point night of August 30th, reporters came to the agreement with the fan Xin man Tongzhou residential, and here is the "All Star" broke the "derailed incident", fan Xin man and Xiao Qi as well as the company’s three or four employees are in the clear will the scene. Fan Xinman said, the company is always a meeting here, often cook in the house, the company’s employees have proved that fan Xin man’s innocence, that broke the ridiculous. In a corner of the living room, fan Xin man sat on the sofa, sunken eyes, looked very haggard. Fan Xinman and Zhang Jizhong met in 1998 in the drama workshop, married in 2005, she told reporters, in fact, as early as in 2006 has been separated from Zhang Jizhong: "he did a lot of bad things, said there are more shame on him, I feel shy to say, all the troubles, 09 years when he is not at home, old business, and since then he did not go home for Spring Festival, 10 years is completely at home, always living in the United States, then I think his heart is broken, is no longer the person, so I thought at home for two years." Fan Xinman said it was the worst two years of his life. In the 14 year, has continued to have a friend to fan Xin man sent Zhang Jizhong and other women’s news, then she also got derailed but then again, Zhang Jizhong, fan Xin man has completely lost hope. For the husband derailed, fan Xin man had self-examination: "06 years to 10 years I am too ugly, really despise him, he felt that he was not the only junior high school culture, true skill and genuine knowledge, books are written by me, he played golf I feel disgusted, he is not the kind of man, he is a country bumpkin is a dummy, buy a table to spend 200 dollars to buy a fake, a lot of things I have despised him, and speak very bad." Speaking of Zhang Jizhong’s character, fan Xin man also said very helpless: "10 years old, he and I said, if you can back together in one way, is you fifty million for your family, don’t let them interfere with my life, the other fifty million are you going to do charity, but he said," what do I give them money. "." "Small three live in our house, but also the furniture I bought," but the separation.相关的主题文章: