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Zhang Ruoyun: not acting young idol actor was demonized – Beijing for "Fox" new "Snow Leopard" and other spy drama the audience was familiar with the young actor Zhang Ruoyun, in the Hunan satellite TV drama "sparrow" once again show their exquisite performances, from a public idol actor in "tight encirclement" and praised the audience for idol type actor in the play acting. Yesterday. Zhang Ruoyun accepted the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed WeChat. Many predecessors and learning temper in the new drama acting, confrontation puppet team captain Zhang Ruoyun played three Su Province juntong agent Tang Shanhai and Yin Zheng plays the extremely cruel and merciless, Zhang Ruoyun degree of relaxation performance was recognized by the audience. Zhang Ruoyun said the new "Snow Leopard", he has been trying a variety of roles, including fantasy drama, drama, drama and so on in, "did not expect or return to the" sparrow ", spy game familiar. After so many attempts, the deepest feeling is that I know what kind of role can play better. Have to admit, I don’t like to 30 years of age, there are a lot of figures for me to challenge, as the "Bi Zhongliang this role I can not play."." Zhang Ruoyun expected future and old play bone colleagues like Jin Shijie, "the actor to a certain age will encounter a watershed on acting, and learn from the past, to improve my acting." Young actors have been demonized although the sparrow brings together the high value of young actors, but their acting has attracted no small challenge. In Zhang Ruoyun’s view, idol over exposure, leading the audience to have a feel for the character. "Idol actor or exposure now over, the media and fans of them too well, even some publicity will put the actor into a fixed image, it is very terrible to an actor, lead actor played many roles are difficult to substitute. In fact, it is not to say that the idol really will not act, we are the young actors demonized." Zhang Ruoyun expressed the hope that they can reduce the number of roles outside exposure for actors outside of his identity and the role of memory, "the artist is no way to hide very well, but I hope that every year 90% of the time spent in the play, the role in other aspects of exposure to less. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: