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Zhang Yishan Yang Zi the same night intimate interactive users: in the box with Zhang Yishan Yang Zi exposed as Yang Zi kiss but admit he couldn’t! Not mature enough! Tencent entertainment news (Bing Bing) today (28) morning, in a group of micro-blog Po and’s photo of the group, issued a document, where is it? ()" And @ each other, then Zhang Yishan also Po and said "on your side", photos of two intimate action, selling all kinds of adorable funny, "sister CP" feeling overwhelmed. Tencent, reporters for the first time to father Yang Zi confirmation, father Yang Zi simply said, "wait for official or company (saying)", the reporter also call Zhang Yishan propaganda, the other began to tell micro-blog on the interaction between friends should be funny, but he later confirmed that Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi did recently in Shanghai filming together, is a guest teacher of drama. Say, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan are the generation of childhood memories, "families with children" the first two add up to 200 sets, from the beginning of 2005, a few years, what time do you turn on the TV, which are placed in which the "drama god". The good news is that "families with children" of the original team to create an upgraded version of the sitcom "family children early maturity," this year will be 9 months to boot, Zhang Yishan and the "father" Yalin Gao (micro-blog) have been identified in Yang Zi, but because of the time reason not participating, so many users feel sorry to want to see the elder sister and younger brother CP in the same drama scene screen is difficult. But in fact, the "family with children", Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan also did not want to grow up "partner" and "Daddy home" two TV series, in the back of this drama, the two also staged a marriage drama in the play is really "together". From the "family on children" first, in the past 12 years, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan have become the hottest actor star from the current film circle. In 2010, two people both was admitted to the Beijing film performance, become classmates, fate is really too wonderful for words. In the 12 years, two people are trying to get rid of the child during the period of glory, especially Yang Zi, tried many different types of roles, she worked with Wallace Huo starring drama "Revolutionary War Changsha", this drama watercress still has a score of 9.1, also let people see the Yang Zi transformation efforts. This is Yang Zi’s harvest year, in the first half of the year hit TV series "Ode to joy", she starred in "Qiu Yingying corner", people hate and pity, which is the Tencent of the hit TV series "fantasy video Qingyun Zhi", Yang Zi’s "Lu Xueqi" stern manner powder, countless. Zhang Yishan in the "family with children" received little role in the color, until this year with a small cost more than "sins" again suddenly burst red, as many fans favorite sister. When Zhang Yishan re energized, Song Dandan micro-blog was also a fan message scraper, Song Dandan also made micro-blog ridicule Zhang Yishan, "play with your mother ah, friends shouted" this is funny than one family". Compared to Zhang Yishan Yang Zi, "families with children" in the "rain" brother You Haoran’s star road is not so smooth, in the play again and again to be admitted to our brush, however, "rain" love of the road is very smooth, he has a girlfriend "相关的主题文章: