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Zhong Hanliang tour Beijing Railway Station tickets   1 hours of being robbed million people — people.com.cn entertainment channel — Zhong Hanliang tour people.com.cn Beijing Railway Station 1 hours is hard to get a vote million people steal music life is also linked to life, the national male god Zhong Hanliang "music for life" Sing for Life personal tour, will this year finale in Beijing in September 24th LETV ecological sports centre. The 220 tour launched this year in Shanghai, 806 Guangzhou, 813 ShenZhen Railway Station packed, and the August 29th 20:00 billing of the Beijing Railway Station, and set off a ticket, a ticket is hard pomp seckill! August 29th billing unpopular Beijing, 000 seats "hard to get a vote" concert before the first fire, the enthusiasm of the fans in the invoice when it has been lit. According to a ticketing website staff revealed that in August 29th 8 pm open seat selection grab votes is extremely hot, 1 hours or so million seats sold out venues, let not grab a ticket fans call "hard to get a vote"! It is difficult to see the charm of the little wow fans and fans of the concert full of expectations. Before the tour after three games, the concert stage effects increase continuously, continue to upgrade, Zhong Hanliang’s condition is getting better and better, he reveals the charm of the stage, singing and dancing in the interactive chat with fans also relaxed. This is a Zhong Hanliang and fans of the agreement, this is a small wow and 70 years of future agreement. The international team circus elements to create the future of amusement park to show better performance results, the Beijing Railway Station has cancelled a floor seating area, and set the stage more, the overall vision is more fantasy, but also let the audience get closer to appreciate small wow performances. The tour to spend nearly ten million, to create a magnificent future amusement park, the illusion of the atmosphere, the concert performed by the international team and the stage of art, lighting, sound, special effects, are using the domestic online top equipment. The overall visual presentation has reached one hundred percent with each note, rhythm and divine sync! Fast, slow song song god many dazzling magnificent and fantastic visual effect on every corner to enjoy the show they do not have a taste. Fun, humorous circus performances, adding more stunt performers, wonderful interpretation of the music for life, humor and wisdom. And small wow participate in reality show’s sister Jackie, has served as a special guest of the three tour. She buanpailichupai, don’t walk routine, and small wow two people funny dialogue leaving the audience into a piece of music! She is in front of the audience got special Liao, affectionately said "I really want to sing! Do not know if Jackie will get his wish in Beijing Railway Station? The three film, the four tour, the achievement of the little wow magic 2016 to Zhong Hanliang in 2016 is a year of extraordinary significance, fruitful in the Performing Arts career. In June this year, the Shanghai Film Festival, Zhong Hanliang with more cooperation and directing the movie "Qifeng Du the three of us are walking together" won the "most popular actor award" of media attention, acting and popularity definitely get professional. Plus summer "three of us are walking together" and "bounty hunter" and "comeback" of three films released continuously, let him become the most Qiangjing summer big screen this year male)相关的主题文章: